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    Public charging for your Kia Soul EV

  • About ChargeUp

    ChargeUp - a service from Kia

    ChargeUp gives Kia Soul EV drivers easy access to electric vehicle DC Fast Charge stations. By registering the ChargeUp card, Kia Soul EV drivers are able to use one card to access stations across participating networks. 

    Greenlots - solutions for EV charging

    Greenlots, the fastest growing network of DC Fast Charge stations in North America, has partnered with Kia ChargeUp to provide DC Fast Charging at participating Kia dealerships and beyond. 
  • Sign Up to ChargeUp

    Step 1

    Locate ChargeUp card, found in the glovebox of your new Kia Soul EV

    Step 2

    Visit ChargeUp to register your card

    Step 3

    Sign up to desired participating networks
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  • FAQ

    What is ChargeUp?

    ChargeUp allows interoperable access to different networks of public electric vehicle charge stations via one easy-to-use card

    Which networks are participating in ChargeUp?

    The EZ-Charge network partners participating in the ChargeUp program are: Aerovironment, Blink, Car Charging Group, NRG eVgo, and Greenlots

    Is there a monthly subscription fee for the ChargeUp program?

    No. There are no ongoing subscription fees associated with the ChargeUp card. However, the cost of charging will vary across networks and stations

    How do I find a station in the ChargeUp network?

    Stations within participating networks can be found on PlugShare or via the UVO EV Services app (both smartphone and in-vehicle)

    I've lost my ChargeUp card. How can I order a new one?

    Please contact Customer Care at chargeup@greenlots.com or call

    I'm not a Kia Soul EV driver. Can I sign up for a ChargeUp card anyway?

    No. The Kia ChargeUp program and cards are exclusively for Kia Soul EV drivers

    My ChargeUp card does not work. What do I do?

    Please contact Customer Care at chargeup@greenlots.com or call

    My credit card has expired or has been disabled. What do I do?

    Please immediately contact Customer Care at chargeup@greenlots.com or call

    I forgot my ChargeUp card. Can I recharge without it?

    Yes. This will depend on the participating network of the charge station. There will be multiple options to activate a session. These may include activating via a mobile app or calling customer care of the participating network

    How do I test drive the Kia Soul EV? 

    To locate your nearest Kia Soul EV dealership, please visit Kia
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